Mutual funds today

At the end of 2016, mutual fund assets worldwide were $40.4 trillion, according to the Investment Company Institute.[5] The countries with the largest mutual fund industries are:

  1. United States: $18.9 trillion
  2. Luxembourg: $3.9 trillion
  3. Ireland: $2.2 trillion
  4. Germany: $1.9 trillion
  5. France: $1.9 trillion
  6. Australia: $1.6 trillion
  7. United Kingdom: $1.5 trillion
  8. Japan: $1.5 trillion
  9. China: $1.3 trillion
  10. Brazil: $1.1 trillion

In the United States, mutual funds play an important role in U.S. household finances. At the end of 2016, 22% of household financial assets were held in mutual funds. Their role in retirement savings was even more significant, since mutual funds accounted for roughly half of the assets in individual retirement accounts, 401(k)s and other similar retirement plans.[6] In total, mutual funds are large investors in stocks and bonds.

Luxembourg and Ireland are the primary jurisdictions for the registration of UCITS funds. These funds may be sold throughout the European Union and in other countries that have adopted mutual recognition regimes.

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